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Toothache occurs when the nerve in the root of a tooth or surrounding a tooth is irritated. The most common causes of dental pain are dental (tooth) infection, decay, loss of a tooth, or injury. Pain may also occur after an extraction (tooth is pulled out).

Toothache and jaw pain are common complaints. There may be severe pain to pressure or hot or cold stimuli. The pain may persist for longer than 15 seconds after the stimulus is removed. As the area of inflammation increases, the pain becomes more severe. It may radiate to the cheek, the ear, or the jaw.

Other signs and symptoms of toothache include the following:
• Pain with chewing
• Hot or cold sensitivity
• Bleeding or discharge from around a tooth or gums
• Swelling around a tooth or swelling of your jaw
• Injury or trauma to the area.

In most cases, toothaches or jaw pain signifies a problem that must be cared for by a dentist. If there is swelling in the gums or face, or you have a fever, antibiotics may be prescribed.

At the dental clinic in Kelina hospital, fillings, pulling teeth, or other procedures are performed as required. A tooth extraction will be the most likely treatment procedure with a primary (baby) tooth. Root canal therapy (cleaning out the nerves and blood vessels and sealing off the root canals of the tooth) and crown procedures are generally performed on permanent teeth if the problem is severe.

A person experiencing any of the above symptoms should see a dentist. Contact 08033644644 or 08129908324 to book an appointment with the Dentist.

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