Digital Laboratory

Kelina Hospital Laboratory is in partnership with Rapid Diagnostics. There are very expensive equipment installed in our Laboratory both in Lagos and in Abuja. The Abbott ArchitectPlus i1000SR can run up to 100 test samples per hour. The Laboratory is equipped with fully automated analyzers. Our haematology department has a Sysmex fully automated clotting profile analyzer (CA-101), two haematology analyzers for Full Blood Count, a Sysmex automated haematology analyzer and 5 part Abbot Emerald haematology analyzer. The Chemistry department has the Roche Cobas c111 for chemistry, Roche ISE analyzer and the Roche Cobas e411 for immunology. Our fully automated system makes it possible for the Laboratory to produce patient’s test results within a few hours of sample collection. The Cobas analyzers for immunology and chemistry are the gold standard and used in world-class hospitals. This makes our results comparable to results from hospitals outside the country.

Kelina is one of the few hospitals that use these analyzers in Nigeria. We run a wide range of Laboratory investigations, Cardiac Markers (CKMB, TROPONIN I &T, MYOGLOBIN), Tumor Markers (CEA, PSA etc.), Thyroid function tests, Clotting profile, Liver Function Test, Kidney Function Test, Viral Screening, Annual Medical Laboratory investigations, Pre Employment tests etc.


We have over 1,000 variety of drugs in our stock. It is very unusual to have a prescription that is unavailable in the Pharmacy. There are several Pharmacists in the services of Kelina Hospital. The Pharmacy is open 24 hours, 7 days in a week, with a Pharmacist on duty round the clock. Drugs are sold to inpatients and outpatients, as well as patients from other hospitals with prescriptions. The
Pharmacy also supplies vaccines for over 10 immunizable diseases.


This service is also available only on appointment at the moment…

Oncology and Cancer Care

This service is also available only on appointment at the moment…

CSSD and Sterilisation

Kelina Hospital was the first hospital in Nigeria to commence routine sterilization of all our endoscopes with the Plasma Sterilizer. This is the most effective way to sterilize endoscopes. Endoscopic Surgery is prone to infection. Since we installed the Plasma, and since we commenced using it both in Lagos and Abuja, no patient who did not have infection before surgery has ever returned to the hospital as a result of hospital-acquired infection. Sometimes other hospitals also come to us to assist them with sterilization. The Plasma is
more effective than autoclave and wet sterilization for endoscopes.


This service is scheduled to commence when fully nephrology services commence.

Kidney Transplant Programme

This service is scheduled to commence in Lagos when the Transplant surgeon starts work.

In Vitro Fertilisation

IVF services are scheduled to commence when gynaeocological services start in Lagos.