Requesting an Appointment

While we see walk-in outpatients and emergency cases, it is usually best if you can schedule your appointment before hand. To do so, you may either complete our appointment request form so that somebody can contact you with available dates for the doctor you need to see, or you can call our receptionist who would help you to schedule an appointment over the phone. Please check our Contact Us page for relevant telephone and email addresses.

Arriving as a Patient

If you drive, you can park at the parking lot within the hospital premises. When you arrive, you are greeted by a security personnel who directs you to the Receptionist. The Receptionist registers you, and directs you to the waiting room where all your vital signs including weight, height, BMI (Body Mass Index), Blood Pressure, Oxygen Saturation, etc., are recorded by the Attending Nurse. Once the Doctor is ready for you, the Nurse escorts you to meet with the Doctor. The rest of your care then follows. In general, our goal is to make your visit as pleasant an experience as possible under the circumstance. Should your experience be less than you expected, you are always welcome to speak to the Service Manager whose desk is next to the Reception Desk. This desk is conspicuously labeled for easy access.

Visiting a Patient

Family members and friends may visit with a patient on admission during published visiting hours. Each patient may have one person stay with the patient as a companion throughout the time of admission. As much as possible, we will provide a comfortable bed for the companion in the patient’s private room. Visiting a friend or relative during admission is a privilege that must not be allowed to interfere with the delivery of medical and nursing care to the patient. Therefore, visitors or other guests are urged to comply with the instructions of the doctors and nurses, to respect the needs and privacy of other patients, and to generally refrain from rowdiness or other disturbances. Our goal is the quick and safe recovery of each and every patient.

Paying for your care

While Kelina Hospital is a private institution, our goal is not to amass wealth but to help restore and maintain the health of anyone who walks through our doors. Therefore, Kelina’s principle is to provide the best possible care and then charge a reasonable and commensurate fee that is sufficient to recover our costs and maintain the hospital’s operations at top-notch level. Payments may be made in the form of cash for small amounts or by bank transfer. We generally prefer bank transfer. Please contact the cashier for additional information. To assist those who may be unable to pay the full costs for their care, Kelina has partnered with organizations such as Surgical Aid Foundation to provide assistance whenever possible. Please contact the Patient Manager on 07016837070 (Abuja) or 09120338746 (Lagos). You can send an email to for further information.