Surgical Aid Foundation of Nigeria

Launched in 2011, the mission of Surgical Aid Foundation is to raise and manage support for the treatment of individuals who lack personal or family resources to pay the full cost of their hospital care. SAF believes that we can achieve much greater good if we sponsor the treatment of our unfortunate kin right here in the country than if we had to fly them overseas. The cost of the air flight alone can pay for the full cost of treatment for many disabling diseases.

Kelina is happy to partner with SAF as a means to expand the reach of our services without having to turn away patients who are truly unable to pay for their care. Persons considering whether to approach SAF for assistance should contact the organization directly at the following email: or call 07085515993,  07088772311. Visit the website

Surgical Referral Program

Kelina Hospital is optimally equipped and staffed to perform simple to complex urologic, laparascopic, laser and endoscopic surgeries involving a wide range of disorders. Ordinarily, patients may be referred to us from anywhere from within or outside Nigeria without restriction. However, physicians or hospitals that so wish may approach us for a standing arrangement whereby they could routinely send their referral patients to us with minimal delays.

To effect this, we will establish a mechanism for electronic sharing of patient records even before the patient arrives, so that patients can begin to receive care as soon as possible after arrival at Kelina. Other benefits may apply, such as expedited transportation arrangements. Please contact our referral nurse for more information at or call 0912-033-8728. In the alternative, you could contact the Service Manager at or call 0912-033-8737,