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Ear and Hearing Care for all

Ear and hearing problems are among the most common problems encountered in the community. It is advisable to take a hearing test. Hearing aids help people who have a hearing loss hear better and improve their hearing. Foreign bodies in the ear can cause infection or loss of hearing. While adults occasionally get foreign bodies trapped in their ears, the situation more commonly occurs in children. This is because children are more prone to sticking things into their ears.

Some simple rules for taking care of the ears include:

  1. Don’t stick things into the ear
  2. Don’t clean ears with cotton buds, keys or feathers.
  3. Avoid very loud sounds
  4. Dont put water into your ears.
  5. Don’t pull ears unnecessarily and never slap an ear.
  6. Avoid unnecessary ear piercing .
  7. Never use any eardrop unless prescribed by an ENT doctor.
  8. Avoid drugs that can damage your ear like chloramphenicol, genticin or quinine.
  9. If you have any abnormal sound in your ear, see a doctor immediately
  10. Report any problems with the ear eg, itching, bleeding, pain or discharge promptly

If something enters your ear, get professional help. If a live insect enters your ear, drown it by using normal baby oil or olive oil at room temperature.

Kelina Hospital ENT specialty takes care of a wide variety of diseases affecting the ear, nose and throat, ranging from infections (like otitis media, otitis externa, pharyngotonsillitis, rhinosinusitis) to tumours and growths in the ear, nose and throat. The practice takes care of removal of impacted wax and foreign bodies from the ear, nose and throat as well as management of nasal allergies, ringing in the ear(tinnitus), deafness and vertigo (dizziness). Click to book an appointment with the ENT Doctor.

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