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The Beauty of Laser

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A patient came in from South Africa this week. He could not pass urine while in South Africa. He was catheterized in South Africa. He decided it was better for him to return to Nigeria for his surgery. When he came to Kelina Hospital, the catheter was removed for a new catheter to be passed for sample to be collected for tests. The regular new catheter could not pass. A special big coudé catheter was used. His prostate was 350g, too big for catheter to reach the urinary bladder, and too big for Surgeons outside Africa to be familiar with. Normal prostate is about 20g. He came back on Thursday and was admitted for infection control. He had Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate (HoLEP) today. At surgery, 7 stones were found impacted in the prostatic urethra and in the neck of the bladder. They were all pulverised with laser. This is the beautiful thing about laser. It can take out stones in the bladder and the prostate at the same time, in the same session. His urine was clear immediately after surgery. The patient already had two meals after surgery and was ready to be discharged the next day.

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