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Kelina Hospital ENT Clinic

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Consultation days: Monday – Saturday

Our ENT clinic is equipped with modern technology for the treatment of medical conditions affecting the Ear, Nose and Throat. Our recently acquired equipment provides visibility and access to even the hardest-to-reach areas of the ear, nose and throat canal. Patients can observe their treatment while the surgeon works and can also leave the hospital with a recording of their treatment.

Kelina Hospital also has a Consultant ENT Surgeon and several visiting ENT specialists. The ENT speciality takes care of a wide variety of diseases affecting the ear, nose and throat, ranging from infections (like otitis media, otitis externa, pharyngotonsillitis, and rhinosinusitis) to tumours and growths in the ear, nose and throat. The practice takes care of the removal of impacted wax and foreign bodies from the ear, nose and throat as well as the management of nasal allergies, deafness and vertigo (dizziness). We also do a variety of minor, intermediate and major surgeries including adenotonsillectomy for children with difficult and noisy breathing as a result of airway obstruction from enlarged adenoids and tonsils, tonsillectomy for adults with recurrent sore throat or tumours, endoscopic sinus surgeries for sinonasal infections and tumours. We also do a variety of pharyngeal and laryngeal surgeries for airway management and voice problems.

To book an appointment with the ENT Doctor, call 08033644644 or 07016837070 or follow

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