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Ear and Hearing Care for all

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World Hearing Day 2023

Kelina Hospital ENT specialty takes care of a wide variety of diseases affecting the ear, nose and throat, ranging from infections (like otitis media, otitis externa, pharyngotonsillitis, rhinosinusitis) to tumours and growths in the ear, nose and throat. The practice takes care of removal of impacted wax and foreign bodies from the ear, nose and throat as well as management of nasal allergies, ringing in the ear(tinnitus), deafness and vertigo (dizziness).

We also do a variety of minor, intermediate and major surgeries including adenotonsillectomy for children with difficult and noisy breathing as a result of airway obstruction from enlarged adenoids and tonsils, tonsillectomy for adults with recurrent sorethroat or tumors, endoscopic sinus surgeries for sinonasal infections and tumuors. We also do a variety of pharyngeal and laryngeal surgeries

for airway management and voice problems. Click to book an appointment with the ENT Doctor.

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  1. Rafiu sholola

    Slapping me and i don’t hearing very well again

    1. Kelina Hospital

      You need to come in to see the ENT Doctor. You can book an appointment by clicking the Request-Appointment button above.

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