Frequently Asked Questions

Kelina Hospital provides a wide range of services from basic primary care to advanced treatment and procedures. However, we specialise in minimal access surgery.  All services (medical, laboratory, pharmacy, nursing and emergency) are open 24 hours.

Yes, you may bring a laboratory order from any doctor or clinic and Kelina Hospital laboratory will conduct the tests for you. Kelina will conduct such tests subject to the understanding that the patient undertakes the responsibility to follow up on the results of the tests with the prescribing doctor or hospital. If the testing indicates an imminent emergency (for example, very high blood pressure or very low blood sugar levels), we reserve the right and duty to initiate treatment at Kelina Hospital in order to stabiliza the patient’s condition.

Yes, you may bring a prescription from another hospital. The Pharmacist on duty will gladly look into filling it for you from our stock. With over a thousand different medications in stock, we usually have most common medications available on a daily basis.

No, not really. Kelina Hospital uses an EMR (Electronic Medical Records) system to store and manage our patients’ medical records. The medical record documents the patient’s medical history, diagnostic procedures, treatment, medications, and health outcomes. The information is securely backed up daily to minimize the likelihood that any information will ever be lost. It is always advisable, however, to arrive at least 15 minutes before a scheduled appointment in order to settle down and relax a bit before meeting with the doctor. Certain vital signs such as your blood pressure may be affected when you rush in and are tested immediately.

Although we receive walk-in patients, setting up an appointment before arrival is generally preferred because this results in the most efficient use of time for the patient as well as for the doctor and hospital staff. To set up an appointment, call the Front Desk 08033644644 (Abuja) or 09120338755 (Lagos). At your discretion, you may request to book an appointment with a specific doctor, or you may choose to be seen by the next available doctor.

Available positions are usually advertised in national daily newspapers, and the adverts provide information on application procedures. You may inquire, however, if a vacancy might be available by sending an email to kelina@kelinahospital.com. While we do our best to respond to all mails within five business days, unsolicited job enquiries or applications may not receive an immediate response when no relevant vacancy exists.

The cost for laser prostate surgery is determined by a number of factors i.e The size of the prostate, method of surgery and other underlying health conditions like infections etc. This is why a proper consultation with the Urologist is advised before the cost can be given.

HoLEP has advantage over all other methods of prostate surgery in the following sense:

  1. It can take out prostates of any size, compared to TURP.
  2. There is minimal blood loss compared to TURP and open surgery.
  3. There is no external wound compared to open surgery.
  4. Patients spend very little time on admission, compared to TURP and open surgery. Patients can go home same day or next day after surgery.
  5. Patients can go back to work a day after discharge.
  6. Catheterization time after surgery is lower than with TURP or open surgery. Catheter causes infection. So the shorter it stays, the better.

HoLEP does not have any special side effect compared to other forms of prostate surgery. All forms of prostate surgery affect the volume of semen that comes out after ejaculation. HoLEP does also,  but it does not affect erection or orgasm.

Several factors affect the cost of kidney stone surgery i.e The size of stone, quantity of stones, Location of stones and other underlying health conditions such as infections etc.

For further enquiries, you may send an email to info@kelinahospital.com or kelina@kelinahospital.com or call 07016837070, 08033644644, 09120338755, 09120338737