Kelina Hospital does not collect money from Applicants. Employment is strictly based on merit. Applicants are interviewed and selected based on performance.

Applying for a job at Kelina

Kelina Hospital’s success is built on having talented and highly proficient people within their respective fields as the driving force behind our business. We are constantly looking to include highly skilled and innovative individuals to our staff list. Kelina is a family. Join in and be a part of the change and the future that will bring about new ways the continent works and connects.

Application Guidelines

You are welcome to upload your application letter, curriculum vitae and supporting documents for any position you are interested in and a company representative will contact you whenever there’s an opening for that role. On the other hand, whenever there is a need for a specific role, it appears on the Specific Opening section of the site. Additionally, those subscribed to the job alerts service will be contacted via email.

Vacancies in Kelina Hospital

Kelina Hospital is a surgical hospital, specialised in Minimally Invasive Surgery. Kelina was the first hospital in Nigeria to do Laser Lithotripsy for Kidney Stones (PCNL, RIRS, 2011), Laparoscopic radical prostatectomy (2012), Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate (HoLEP, 2018). Kelina does Laparoscopic Surgery in General Surgery, Urology, Gynaecology among others. HoLEP, PCNL, RIRS are the most common surgeries we do each week. We have two branches in Nigeria:

LAGOS: No 7, Ologun Agbaje Street, off Adeola Odeku Street, Victoria Island.
ABUJA: 3rd Avenue, by 34 Crescent, Gwarinpa.
We have vacancies in the following areas:

(A) Front Desk, Administration, Total Quality Control (Abuja/Lagos)
Location: Kelina Hospital Abuja/Lagos.

(B) Consultant Gynaecologist (Abuja)
Location: Kelina Hospital Abuja. Description: Full time or Part time

(C) Radiographer (Lagos)
Location: Kelina Hospital Lagos. Job Description: Full-time. 

(D) Consultant Family Physician (Lagos)
Location: Kelina Hospital Lagos.

(E) Media Manager (Abuja/Lagos)
Location: Kelina Hospital Abuja/Lagos. Job Description: Full-time.

(F) Head of Operations / Maintenance Engr (Abuja)
Location: Kelina Hospital Abuja. Job Description: Full-time.

Fill out the application form below. Your applications must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • A letter of application for the job
  • CV
  • Scanned copies of certificates
  • Scanned passport-sized photograph of the candidate.

NB: Only applications that follow the above steps, will be considered.

Very competitive but negotiable!

Read the Job descriptions below before applying.

Job application form

Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 10 files.
Upload your CV, Application letter, Certificates, Passport photograph etc Ensure that your uploaded documents carry your name i.e John Doe CV etc.

Qualifications and Job Descriptions


  • BSc (ICAN is an advantage)
  • 2  years minimum experience.


  1. Audit key documents and verify each transaction.
  2. Reconcile financial discrepancies as they arise, after checking out the causes for the same.
  3. Ensure that all forms of taxes are correct and have been filed to the required authorities as at when due.
  4. Preparing payment after authorizations by line manager/supervisor/Head of Department as the case may be.
  5. Making timely and unambiguous financial reports that can help the management in taking decisions
  6. Ensure that all other official duties assigned to me by my line manager/Supervisor/Head of the department/ or the entire organization as the case may be, must be performed timely , diligently and efficiently.


  • Have post NYSC job experience.
  • Be University Graduates with relevant certifications.
  • Be highly computer-skilled


  • Have post NYSC job experience.
  • Be University Graduates with relevant certifications.
  • Be highly computer-skilled


  • Have post NYSC job experience.
  • Be University Graduates with relevant certifications.
  • Be highly computer-skilled


  1. Be resident in the location being advertised.
  2. Have post NYSC job experience.
  3. Be University Graduates with relevant certifications.
  4. Be highly computer-skilled
  5. Be certified by relevant professional bodies where this applies.


  1. Attend to patients as a Radiographer.
  2. Ensure that films and images that need to be reported on by the Radiologist are actually reported on, and at the right time.


  1. Be resident in Abuja.
  2. Be a fellow of either WACS or MCOG or both.
  3. Have keen interest in surgery, for procedures a Gynaecologist is certified to do.

To work as a Consultant Nephrologist with interest in management of kidney transplant patients.


  • Must be a lawyer


  1. Personal Assistant to the Medical Director.
  2. Manages MD’s appointments, bills, messages, calls etc
  3. Attends and keeps minutes of all important meetings.
  4. Administrator of the Admin Office, takes responsibility for every equipment in the Admin Office.
  5. Proof-reads all documents before they leave the hospital.
  6. Acts as an assistant to the HR/Head of Operations
  7. Receives incoming mails and keeps a reservoir for outgoing mails.

To work as a Consultant Urologist/ Endourologist/ Laparoscopic Surgeon/ Transplant Surgeon


  • Must have track record of marketing.
  • Must have graphic design skills.
  • Must have skills in Video-editing.
  • Possess at least 2 years post-NYSC experience.


  1. Respond to queries on all social media platforms.
  2. Write daily health content and publish.
  3. Design creatives for all health contents
  4. Make surgery videos for patients.


  • Must have skills in Networking (Proficiency in using Mikrotik router)
  • Must have skills in Graphic Design, Video creation and editing and Social Media Marketing.


  1. Analyze, design, build, configure and troubleshoot LAN and WAN routers and all related equipment.
  2. Install network software, firewalls and security settings for all network endpoints.
  3. Set up desktop computer equipment and install all network and system software, including operating systems and user software packages for new employees.
  4. Set up new users on the network, provide access permissions to approved groups and configure security settings for new employees.
  5. Maintain and back up all networks, including hardware and software updates daily.
  6. Setup webmails for new users and troubleshoot mail issues on all systems and phones.
  7. Join our surgical procedures and record surgery videos as well as transmit live surgeries from the theatre via social media channels.
  8. Respond to customer queries on our various social media platforms.
  9. Work with the marketing department to develop contents (blog posts and videos) for social media marketing campaigns.
  10. Design periodic creatives for social media, flyers, posters etc.
  1. Attend to all patients during your shift.
  2. Conduct a round with or without managing Consultant during your shift.
  3. Make progress notes for all patients during your shift.
  4. Ensure tasks are updated during your shift.
  5. Ensure all patients admitted during a shift are under the care of a Consultant.
  6. Ensure patients seen by external Consultants are billed appropriately.
  7. Inform Consultant in charge of a patient before admission and discharge of patients in his care. This is done by the doctor on the duty.
  8. Inform Consultant of patient’s status everyday including weekends.
  9. Ensure tasks handed over are completed and any leftover tasks properly handed over.
  10. Prepare medical reports and ensure they are edited by the managing Consultants.
  11. Ensure patients for urological procedures admitted overnight have stat doses of Nitrazepam.
  12. Ensure all patients for surgery sign a written informed consent form prior to the procedure.
  13. Ensure all patients admitted during your shift are clerked and same documented in clinical notes.
  14. Prepare discharge summaries for all urology patients discharged.
  15. Present all cases admitted during the handing over and be clinically abreast about management of same patients.
  1. Procurement of drugs and consumables.
  2. Tracking the expiration of drugs in the pharmacy.
  3. Monthly requisition of drugs and consumables for hospital use.
  4. Monthly registration of drugs procured according to batch, cost, purchase date, expiration date, batch number, manufacturer, in the Pharmacy books, computers and EMR
  5. Checking for drugs that are out of stock and replacing them before a prescription comes in for them.
  6. Hospital pharmacists are responsible for the dispensing and procurement of medicinal products and supplies used in the hospital.
  7. Medication reconciliation, management of drug-related problems, and patient education.
  8. Provides pharmacological information by answering questions and requests of health care professionals; counseling patients on drug therapies.
  1. Supervise daily administrative operations
  2. Monitor expenses and suggest cost-effective alternatives
  3. Create quarterly and annual budgets
  4. Develop and implement effective policies for all operational procedures
  5. Prepare work schedules
  6. Maintain organized medical and employee records
  7. Monitor administrative staff’s performance
  8. Train new employees
  9. Answer queries from doctors, nurses and healthcare staff
  10. Resolve potential issues with patients
  11. Stay up-to-date with healthcare regulations
  12. Prepare job descriptions and develop KPIs for Staff
  13. See to the regular payment of bills from companies we do business with.
  14. Monitor hospital equipment, machinery, and vehicles



  • Registered Nurse with the Nursing and Midwifery Council
  • Certification as registered Nurse Anaesthetist (CRNA)
  • Experience on the job and in various techniques of anaesthesia commensurate with qualification.
  • Candidates must be resident in Abuja or show evidence that they are familiar with Abuja environment


  1. Anaesthetic clerking and review of patients going for surgery.
  2. Daily check of functionality of each equipment used for anaesthesia.
  3. Strict compliance with International standard anaesthetic checklist in bringing patients to theatre and taking patients to the ward after theatre.
  4. Proper documentation of all anaesthetic activities done in the theatre, including pre- operative, intra-operative and post-operative findings.
  5. Intra-operative monitoring of anaesthesized patients.
  6. Immediate post-operative care of the patients.
  7. Anaesthetic supplies.
  8. Equipment for resuscitation of patients in the hospital and also in the ambulance.
  9. Detailed documentation of anaesthetic techniques and procedures for each patient.



  • Possess at least 2 years post-NYSC experience.
  • Be highly computer-skilled
  • Have experience in research work.
  • Be able to demonstrate understanding of research tools.

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