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At the early stages of any prolonged discomfort, it is advised that patients seek medical attention. The longer a person delays their visit to the doctor, the higher their risk of complications. While visiting the doctor can be scary because of the unknown, knowledge of your general health condition is way better. Early detection of ailments saves lives. This is as true for infectious diseases as it is for malignancy or organ failure.

We have seen patients that have been saved by early detection and have also had the occasion of patients losing organs due to delays in seeking medical attention.

A patient once decided to come home from abroad to have his surgery in Kelina Hospital. He had been nursing discomfort in his mid section for a prolonged period, and after visiting a doctor, it was discovered he had a non-functional kidney. He elected to come back to Nigeria and have his surgery done in Kelina Hospital because he had heard stories of foreign nationals being treated shabbily when they chose to access healthcare in countries where they live, especially where no one understands their language.

A CT IVU showed that the patient’s left kidney was not functional. Fluoroscopy and endoscopy revealed the patient had been nursing a PUJ obstruction since birth. The kidney had become a bag of water. More than one litre of urine was drained from theaffected kidney and a stent was introduced to support kidney function. Distended renal pelvis was filled with up to 2 litres of urine and the kidney had become flabby, like a half-empty polythene bag of water. In the end, it became impossible to save the kidney, and the patient had to lose what may have been an otherwise functional kidney. Leaving a bad kidney in place could damage the remaining kidney that is still functioning well. In practice, one kidney is enough to sustain life.This patient may have been saved by an earlier diagnoses.

Do not neglect your health for any reason. Seek medical attention early.

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