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Every surgeon can attest to having been asked this question multiple times by different patients when they are being scheduled for surgical procedures. The duration of a surgical procedure largely depends on the type of procedure. Even then, two procedures of the same type can vary in length due to complexity or simplicity of a particular case.

Not all surgical procedures take hours. There is this fear some patients have that surgeries are a long, high-stakes affair. This leads to reluctance on their part to consider surgical options to their ailments. While some surgeries can take hours, there are some life-changing surgeries that take less than 5 minutes in the hands of a skilled surgeon.

A patient once prolonged a life-changing procedure because he could not make out time for fear he would be admitted in the hospital for a long time. The patient had a urinary retention and stayed away from the hospital until the case was impacting on his quality of life. He kept going from hospital to hospital to see if a catheter could be passed for him so he could go home. He presented to the Urologist screaming out of pain, having gone around for over 24 hours. The Urologist decided not to try to pass a catheter at his point because of trauma already caused in the various places he earlier went to. He chose a suprapubic cystostomy instead. He carried out a supra-pubic catheterization in under 8 minutes and the patient was relieved enough to walk out of the hospital with his own two legs to return later for his review appointment. The review appointment will be to determine how much damage was already caused to his urethra, and to also find out what is responsible for the obstruction to urine flow. Typically, patients with urethral strictures, bladder neck stenosis, or enlarged prostate are admitted in Kelina Hospital after adequate preparation for surgery and they can have their surgeries and go home the same day or latest the next day. People no longer need prolonged hospital admission because of surgery. This is the beauty of Minimally Invasive Surgery. A 5-minute procedure improved the patient’s quality of life after enduring weeks of pain.

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