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Foreign body refers to any object that is placed in the ear, nose, mouth or any other part of the body, where it should not normally be, such that it causes harm without immediate medical attention. While adults occasionally get foreign bodies trapped in their ears, the situation more commonly occurs in children. This is because children are more prone to sticking things into their ears. Foreign bodies in the ear canal can be anything a child can push into his or her own ear. Some of the items that are commonly found in the ear canal include the following:
• Food
• Insects
• Toys
• Buttons
• Pieces of crayon
• Cotton buds (Q-tips)
A foreign body in a child’s ear may or may not cause discomfort. However, immediately it is noticed, the child should be taken to an ENT Surgeon to have the foreign body removed. Asides being uncomfortable, foreign bodies left unmanaged can cause infection and even loss of hearing. After the foreign body is removed, the surgeon will usually examine the ear to ensure that there has been no injury to the ear canal or the ear drum. Antibiotic drops may be prescribed to treat possible infections. These are procedures people can do and go home within minutes.

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