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Small abdominal hernias can be a cause of repeated abdominal pain. Sometimes the hernias are not visible, but examination by a trained hand could pinpoint them.
Small hernias can be operated upon as day case surgery (that is, patient could go home same day) under local anaesthesia with no need for patient to be put under general anaesthesia (to sleep).
In this short video, the procedure of repair of the defect was performed under local anaesthesia. The mass of fat herniating (causing the discomfort) was protruding through a tiny opening in the patient’s abdominal wall. The size of the protrusion was larger than the opening and hence the pain.

The Surgeon excised the protruding flesh, repaired the defect and closed the skin with interrupted stitches instead of stitches that dissolve on their own. This was to ensure that any blood that collects under the skin could find its way out. Surgery was done at 11am and patient left hospital at 2pm.

Patients occasionally avoid consulting with a doctor because they have preconceived notions of what their ailment is. Sometimes, patients take their symptoms or even diagnosis from a doctor and do an online search only to arrive at wrong conclusions. Not every pain in the stomach region is an ulcer. Not every persistent diarrhea is dysentery. This patient was on medications for pain and anti-biotics. But infection was not the cause of the problem. Prolonged self medication could have been avoided with proper diagnoses and a brief out-patient procedure. All medications, including antibiotics, have side effect. Avoid self-medication. See a doctor instead.

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