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Fibroids are non-cancerous smooth muscle growths in the uterus that often appear during child-bearing years. Fibroids range in size from the size of a small pea to large masses the size of a breadfruit. Fibroids can occur as a single mass or multiple growths of different sizes.

Many women will have uterine fibroids at some point in their lives. Many cases of fibroids will go unnoticed because most women develop no symptoms. Fibroids have been discovered incidentally during a pelvic exam or ultrasound. For the women who develop symptoms, these could include:
• Abdominal swelling
• Heavy or prolonged menstrual bleeding
• Pelvic pain or pressure
• Frequent urination
• Lower back pain
• Pain during intercourse
• Leg swelling

Some complications that can occur as a result of fibroids include inability to conceive and loss of pregnancy. As soon as fibroids become symptomatic, it is advised to visit a Gynaecologist for treatment. Smaller fibroids can probably be treated with medication. Larger fibroids will require surgical intervention. Some surgical alternatives in the treatment of fibroids include Myolysis, Uterine Artery Embolization, Endometrial Ablation, Myomectomy and Hysterectomy.

At Kelina Hospital we perform both Open and Minimal Access Procedures for fibroids. Laparoscopic Surgical treatment affords the patient, a shorter hospital stay and reduced blood loss. Our Gynaecologists recently successfully removed multiple fibroids from a patient who was an anaesthetic risk due to a previous head injury. The 2-hour procedure successfully removed over 5 large growths asides 20 smaller ones from the uterus of the patient. The largest fibroid was 20cm by 18cm, the size of a 3 month old pregnancy.

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  1. Small d

    Thanks for the result.

  2. Grace Solomon

    Wow,…what is the root cause of fibroid enlargement..

    1. chike

      Fibroids are caused by the abnormal growth of single cells. Hormones support the growth of fibroids.

  3. Yakubu Florence

    Please I want to know weather I have it too because I’m yet to give birth again after my first birth 7yrs ago ,since then I usually have this pain inside my v.g I have swollen v.g sometimes if I try washing my v.g it will affect my Tommy as + I normally feel pains during intercourse, whenever I’ll having it with my husband I feel pains both in my v.g and stomach so I want to know if that’s also another symptoms
    I await your response

    1. chike

      Hello Florence,

      You should speak to a gynecologist. A gynecologist can diagnose the condition after you come in for a consultation.

      You can book an appointment with the gynecologist by calling 08033 644 644.

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