Our Advisory Board

The leadership of Kelina Hospital is counselled by a Board of Advisors. This Advisory Board provides information, advice and assistance to the hospital on a broad range of subjects, including operational efficiencies, government and community matters, fundraising, and overall growth and profitability of the business. Membership of the Board is drawn from capable and connected individuals within and outside Nigeria who have an interest in the mission of the hospital. The Advisory Board is currently made up of:

  • Mr. Ifeanyi Tim Anago, an Abuja businessman
  • Mr. Linus Adie, a World Bank Consultant
  • Mr. Oluwole Oludaisi Aina, an Abuja businessman
  • Mrs. Christy Laniyan, a Public Health Consultant
  • Dr. Celsus U. Undie, Consultant Urological Surgeon and CEO
  • Dr. Nse-Obong Undie, Consultant ENT Surgeon and Vice President
  • Dr. Ashiwel S. Undieh, Professor of Neuroscience, Pharmacology, and Pharmaceutical Science, USA
  • Mr. Albert Uko, Company Secretary and Legal Adviser

The Executive responsibility and authority for fulfilling the mission of Kelina Hospital lies with Dr. Celsus U. Undie, the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Hospital.

Abuja Management Team

The executive leadership of Kelina Hospital consists of vastly experienced and dedicated professionals and includes all department heads. The Management directs the effective implementation of the clinical and administrative services at the hospital.

Dr Celsus Undie
Clinical Specialties, Surgery, Minimal Access Surgery
Dr C. U. Undie
President / Consultant Urologist
Dr Nseobong Undie
Clinical Specialties, Surgery, Minimal Access Surgery
Dr Mrs. N. Undie
Vice President / Consultant ENT Surgeon
Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Dr Olufolake Oni
Consultant Gynaecologist
Dr Kenechi Nedosa
Family Medicine & Surgery
Dr Nedosa Kenechi
Consultant Family Physician
Dr Joyce O
Clinical Specialties
Dr Joyce Onyema
Chief Resident Doctor
Matron Odey
Matron Elizabeth Odey
Matron in charge
Erica Omada Idoko
Erica Omada
Corporate Relations / Human Resource Manager
Theophilus Imadegbelo
Operations and Maintenance
Theophilus Imadegbelo
Head of Operations
Ifunanya Onoh
Head of Accounts
Esohe Gift
Digital Laboratory
Gift Esohe
Head of Laboratory
Pharm Judith Okolo
Judith Okolo
Head of Pharmacy
Ruth Itodo
Front Desk / Reception
Ruth Itodo
Head of Communications
Linda Uche
Total Quality Control
Linda Samuel Uche
Head of Service Managers
Virginia Ayabie
Virginia Ayabie
Insurance Manager
Sylvester Utsu
Sylvester Utsu
Procurement / Stores Manager
Akor Emmanuel Akorsoft
Akor Emmanuel
Media Manager
Rad Aniekan Andem
Digital Radiography
Andem Aniekan
Head of Radiology

Lagos Team

Kelina Hospital Lagos, located in Victoria Island, consist of experienced and dedicated professionals which includes all Heads of Department. The Management directs the effective implementation of the clinical and administrative services at the hospital.