Abuja Patient Registration


  1. Registration, Antenatal and Consultation fees are non-refundable, even if you see a Doctor only to refer you to another.
  2. Patients are advised to see the General Duty Doctor or Family Physician first before referral to appropriate Specialist. Where a patient requests to see a particular specialist instead, and it turns out that this Specialist decides to refer the patient to a more appropriate Specialist, the patient will end up paying double consultation fee. This can be avoided by seeing the General Duty Dr first, before appropriate referral. It is also cheaper this way.
  3. We operate an electronic medical records system. Prescription is not given to patients on paper but sent to our Pharmacy electronically.
  4. Patients are expected to obtain all their medications in our Pharmacy, not outside the hospital. 
  5. Laboratory results are posted to doctors in your electronic files, not printed on paper. Copies can be sent to you by email or electronically if you ask the lab to do so, at no charge. There is a fee for extra copies to be printed on paper. Printing is done only from 8am to 9pm, Monday to Friday. Printing is not possible from 9pm to 7am.
  6. The hospital is a no-smoking, alcohol-free, noise-free and violence-free area. Patients are encouraged to cooperate. There is extra security cover provided by the Nigerian Police Force detachment.
  7. Fees for services are to be paid in full before the service is rendered, not after.
  8. All patients are to note that ‘Excuse Duty’ shall not be granted unless it is requested the same day a patient comes to the hospital. By law, patients are not authorized to miss work and then come to the hospital to request for ‘Excuse Duty’ paper to take to their offices. If you are too ill to go to work, report to the hospital immediately. You can be excused from work if need be, if you request for Excuse Duty paper as you come. Do not miss work then come the next day or later for ‘Excuse Duty’ paper. Kelina hospital will not cover you in that circumstance.

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Kelina Hospital Abuja, conveniently situated in the heart of Gwarinpa, performs day-case Minimally Invasive procedures. Patient can have a major surgery today and go home same day or less than 24 hours after surgery. Surgery is our primary work in Kelina.